Our picks for a quiet post-holidays week including Ani DiFranco, a SXSW bounce benefit, Cedric Watson, Buckwheat Zydeco and more.

Ani DiFranco photo
Ani DiFranco

Friday: Bounce with Katey Red, Sissy Nobby, Magnolia Rhome, BJ So Cole, Culotta Rock, Killy Keys, Walt Wiggady, Da Danger Boyz, DJ Lil Man, 10 p.m., Siberia: Appearances by bounce artists at SXSW have helped give the sound a national presence, and this show’s a benefit to help raise money for bounce artists to go again this year. Also on Friday: Cedric Watson et Bijou Creole, 10 p.m., The Howlin’ Wolf (tickets); Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue, 10 p.m., Circle Bar 

Saturday: Ani DiFranco, Zoe Boekbinder, 10 p.m., House of Blues: It’s hard to know what’s more surprising - that as politically conscious a folk singer as Ani DiFranco would consider holding a retreat at a former plantation, or that her years of political activism have bought her so little slack and trust. (tickets) Also on Saturday: Helen or High Water, 11 p.m., Chickie Wah Wah; Eric Lindell, 10 p.m., One Eyed Jacks (tickets)

Wednesday: The Night Janitor, Isidro, 10 p.m., Gasa Gasa: Tom Morello is The Night Watchman; Anthony Cuccia is The Night Janitor, and he takes advantage of his facility with a number of instruments to make electronic pop music on his own. (tickets)

Thursday: Buckwheat Zydeco, 8:30 p.m., Rock ’n’ Bowl: Outside, the sweat and soul of Buckwheat Zydeco’s show can dissipate. Indoors, Buck keeps the values of old school R&B alive so it sweats like a James Brown show - one led by a funky accordion player. Also on Thursday: Trap feat. Money P and Klutch, Jay Fernell, Comrade Yuth, Chapagne and Kainam, 10 p.m., The Republic (tickets); Saint Bell, England in 1819, Freedom Speaks, 10 p.m., Siberia (tickets)