The prospect of bad weather and the damage to the grounds prompt organizers to cancel the festival's final day.

fans in the rain at voodoo photo by patrick ainsworth for my spilt milk
Peaches fans in the rain at Voodoo Saturday, by Patrick Ainsworth

[Updated] Organizers of the Voodoo Music and Arts Experience have contended all week that it is a rain-or-shine experience, but this morning they announced that the festival's final day is cancelled. 

"Due to dangerous weather conditions including forecasted persistent rain and flash flood warnings for Orleans Parish for Sunday, November 1, the final day of the 2015 Voodoo Music and Arts Experience has been cancelled."

Going into the weekend, the worst weather was predicted for Saturday. While the rain was bad for about an hour yesterday, Saturday night's rain was light and largely manageable. The combination of the rain and the foot traffic left little firm soil on the City Park festival grounds though, and leaving Voodoo at the end of the night was a long walk through slippery mud. The continuing rains overnight likely mean that the grounds are as bad or worse than they were at the end of the night.

"While Voodoo is a no refund, rain or shine event, producers will make refunds available this year given the severe weather conditions," a press release reads. "For 3-Day credentials holders, 1/3 of posted price at time of purchase will be refunded. For Single Day credential holders who purchased for Sunday, November 1, a full refund will be offered. Fans should visit for further information regarding refunds. Everyone at Voodoo 2015 wants to thank all the music fans that came to City Park to experience the first incredible two days of stellar performances. We look forward to seeing everyone again at the 2016 Voodoo Music + Arts Experience."

At 6:30 p.m., I shot a Periscope video as I walked from the press tent to Le Plur. You can get an idea of what the grounds were like at that time, and they deteriorated seriously between 6:30 and the end of Ozzy Osbourne's set at 11 p.m.

Updated 12:13 p.m.The original photo has been replaced.