This Week's Soundtrack avoids work of any kind with new music from Sly and the Family Stone and Bob Dylan, and previews of Gleason Gras and shows by Scout Niblett and Dent May.

"Another Self-Portrait" cover art

This Week's Soundtrack

1. "Crossword Puzzle" - Sly and the Family Stone: From the new box set, Higher!.

2. "Gamo" - Mulatu Astarke: From the new album, Sketches of Ethiopia.

3. "Hoarse" - Earl Sweatshirt, Matthew Tavares: From his recent Doris album.

4. "Has This Hit?" - King Krule: From his new album, Six Feet Beneath the Moon.

5. "Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing" - MC Shan: On his upcoming album, Truth Universal references hip-hop pioneer MC Shan, which brought this track to mind.

6. "The Spook Who Sat by the Door" - Truth Universal: His new album, Invent the Future, is due out next month. This is from 2010's Guerilla Business.

7. "All I Wanna Do is Live" - Flaamingos: From their self-titled new album.

8. "Villiers Terrace" - Echo and the Bunnymen: Like Crocodiles, Flaamingos owe a pretty obvious debt to Echo.

9. "Count to Ten and Run for Cover" - The Teardrop Explodes: Contemporaries of Echo's in Liverpool's early '80s psychedelic scene.

10. "Corner Piece" - Dent May: Coming to Gasa Gasa September 12.

11. "Heaven in the Afternoon" - Belle & Sebastian: From the odds-and-ends album, The Third Eye Centre. Haven't they released a few of these already?

12. "Dinosaur Egg" - Scout Niblett: Coming to Siberia Thursday.

13. "Tattle O'Day" - Bob Dylan: An unreleased track from the Self-Portrait sessions, now available on another of the albums in Dylan's official bootleg series, Another Self-Portrait.

14. "The Moorings" - Andrew Duhon: Duhon plays One Eyed Jacks Friday with Sweet Crude and Cortland Burke.

15. "If Not for You" - Bob Dylan: An alternative version of the Dylan song George Harrison covered on All Things Must Pass.

16. "Revolutionary Suicide" - Julian Cope: From the most recent album from The Teardrop Explodes' leader.

17. "Wall of Death" - Dax Riggs: An appropriate cover choice for Riggs, who never found a smile he couldn't turn upside down. He'll play One Eyed Jacks Saturday night.

18. "Black Tar" - Anders Osborne: Osborne, John Michael Rouchell, Paul Varisco and the Milestones, and the 610 Stompers are among the performers for this year's Gleason Gras, which will take place Friday at Champions Square. This year's Gleason Gras will double as a Saints pep rally, so Saints and Saintsations will be on hand. This year, general admission will be free.

19. "Trip to Your Heart" - Sly and the Family Stone: More from Higher!.