The Lafayette rock band has a new album and will play One Eyed Jacks November 25.

givers cover art
"New Kingdom" cover art

This time last year, GIVERS previewed new music when they played Voodoo. The stand-out in the band's set was "Record High, Record Low"--a song with a chorus as immediate as anything on the band's 2010 debut, In Light. Afterwards, Stephanie Chen reviewed the set, writing:

GIVERS played a homecoming show in anticipation of its upcoming album, to be released in early 2015. This meant new songs, which was a good and bad thing. Someone near me griped about not hearing "Up, Up, Up," but others were appreciative of the new material. Nearly all the songs performed were unreleased, and they hinted at a new direction for the band. Their sound leaned more towards rock than pop, rounded out by deeper vocals and a darker, more consciously serious tone. There was less of the untethered, sunlit joy that pervaded the band's first album, but the energy here was extremely focused. To conclude the show, the band played a very catchy new song, "Record High," and invited onstage a chorus of friends, as well as members from Sweet Crude on strings. It was a lovely moment cut short by time constraints.

The album once thought to be due out in the spring, New Kingdom, is finally due out November 13, and it will be interesting to see how representative that show was of the album. The band's current tour will bring them to One Eyed Jacks November 25, and I'm pleased to announce that My Spilt Milk will present GIVERS' New Orleans show. We'll have tickets to give away to the show along with preview stories. If the album is equal to the tracks that have been released so far, it should be a great night.