The New Orleans singer/songwriter celebrates a landmark moment for the LBGTQ community with her new Christmas song.

kelcy mae cover art
"Christmas with You (Merry Me)" by Kelcy Mae

In October, we wrote about Kelcy Mae's efforts to crowdsource images of celebration from the LGBTQ community for the video for her new Christmas song, "Christmas with You (Merry Me)." The song she wrote two years ago dramatizes the pressure gay couples feel to spend the holidays apart with their respective families because conventional relationship markers--engaged, married--made it hard for families to respect them in quite the same way that they would accord straight couples.

As Kelcy Mae's Kelcy Wilburn said in an interview in The New Orleans Advocate, the problem didn't come solely from the families, at least in her relationship. “It’s not our families’ fault,” she said. “We let that social dynamic infiltrate our own relationship and our own thinking about how we should spend the holidays.”

The song is available now on iTunes and Amazon, and the video is finished and up on YouTube. Between 20 and 30 couples submitted photos and video including the first gay couple to marry in Caddo Parish. In the video by Sarah Devlin and Tim Watson, important moments in their relationships take place as snow gently falls, even in Louisiana.

Kelcy Mae will host a night of original and traditional Christmas music December 18 at Sidney’s Saloon, with performances by Little Maker's Micah McKee, Renshaw Davies, Alexandra Scott, Sarah Quintana and more.