Juvenile fights in Miami, and Nesby reps for Hollygrove 

Photo of Juvenile

TMZ reports that rapper Juvenile was arrested in Miami for disorderly conduct in a hotel nightclub:

But around 7AM, cops say Juvenile--who's listed at 5'11, 150 lbs--was involved in a fight that began inside the nightclub and spilled outside to the front of the hotel. 

Security told police the people involved in the fight were "creating a threat to life and property as well as the overall safety of the patrons inside."

Miami Beach PD responded to the scene and arrested Juve -- he was hauled to a nearby station where he was booked.

The story tried to create the impression that Juvenile might have fought with Lil Wayne, with whom he'd had a beef since the Hot Boys broke up. The two appeared onstage together earlier in the night, but an update clarified that the two weren't fighting.

In other hip-hop news, Nesby Phips has released a new track, "Dusty Roads," featuring Curren$y and Reems, from the upcoming Hollygrove Ain't Enough.