A preview of shows by M83, Dan Deacon, Bombay Bicycle Club and Moon Duo, along with new music by Miguel, The Mountain Goats, John Cale and more.

Photo of the Meters
The Meters

This Week's Soundtrack:

1. "Zony Mash" - The Meters: The Meters are among the nominees for induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and while I have mixed feelings about it and the values it seems to embody, I'm glad to see The Meters recognized while they're in a position to enjoy the much-deserved recognition.

2. "Where's the Fun in Forever" - Miguel: From the new Kaleidoscope Dream.

3. "Tippi-Toes" - The Meters

4. "The Ratcatcher" - Antibalas: I'm bummed that technical difficulties mean that I won't be able to run the good conversation I had with Antibalas' percussionist Martin Perna. The Brooklyn-based Afrobeat band is a smart, small-"P" political band, and part of the process of being a political band is getting ideas into the public conversation through all means, including interviews. They play Tipitina's Tuesday.

5. "Live Wire" - The Meters

6. "Love Is" - R. Kelly: From his new album, Write Me Back.

7. "The Love I Lost" - Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

8. "Pussy Footing Around" - Otis Clay: The Memphis-based R&B singer will play this weekend's free New Orleans Blues and BBQ Festival at Lafayette Square Saturday at 4:30 p.m. 

9. "Hi Roller" - The Bo-Keys: The Memphis R&B band will back Clay at the blues festival and perform on their own Friday night at Chickie Wah Wah.

10. "Critical Captions" - The Hood Internet: The group made its name with mash-ups, but the new Feat presents it making new music. They'll play The Maison October 27.

11. "Midnight City" - M83: The French electronic duo will play the House of Blues Tuesday.

12. "True Thrush" - Dan Deacon: Deacon plays The Maison Tuesday night.

13. "Coming Down Again" - Anders Parker: A great Rolling Stones cover.

14. "Down with the Shine" - The Avett Brothers: From their new album, The Carpenter. They'll be in New Orleans to play The Voodoo Experience.

15. "No Concern of Yours" - The Punch Brothers: The Americana band led by banjo hero Chris Thile plays the House of Blues Sunday.

16. "Houston Train" - Houndmouth: The Kentucky-based Americana band plays The Circle Bar Friday.

17. "Amy aka Spent Gladiator 1" - The Montain Goats: From their new album, Transcendental Youth.

18. "There's Money in New Wave" - A.C. Newman: From the new Shut Down the Street.

19. "Last Picture Show" - Empress Hotel: I posted a podcast with Empress Hotel a week ago after the release of the new album, Heavy Halo.

20. "Outside" - Seapony: From the new album, Falling.

21. "3, 6, 9" - Cat Power: From the new album, Sun.

22. "Some Time Alone, Alone" - Melody's Echo Chamber: From the new album, Melody's Echo Chamber.

23. "How Can You Swallow so Much Sleep" - Bombay Bicycle Club: The London-based indie rock band plays the House of Blues Monday.

24. "Wild Palms" - Sun Airway: From the new album, Soft Fall.

25. "Sale City" - Generationals: From their new EP, Lucky Numbers.

26. "Circles" - Moon Duo: The title cut from the album I've listened to more than any other in the last week. This psychedelic duo from San Francisco includes  Wooden Shjips guitarist Erik "Ripley" Johnson. It moves Wooden Shjips' droning quality to a guitar/keyboards/rhythm machine lineup that brings to mind Suicide and krautrock. They'll be at the reopened-for-live-music Siberia on Thursday night.

27. "December Rains" - John Cale: John Cale played too much a part of in shaping how I think about music for me to be wholly objective about his new album, Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood.

28. "My Other Voice" - Sparks: In my interview with Ryan and Eric Rogers from Empress Hotel, we talked about how Sparks ended up on their bio as an influence. This is from Sparks' Giorgio Moroder-produced No. 1 in Heaven.

29. "Hospitality on Parade" - Sparks: As much as I enjoyed their experiment in disco with Moroder, the band's glam rock-oriented albums on Island Records are the ones I return to and the ones that established the band's divisive nature. I'm not nearly as fawning over Indiscreet - from which this song was taken - or the albums from this period as this guy, but from the covers to the sound to the songs themselves, these were albums that said there's a world of music going on beyond Kiss, Aerosmith and Boston.