This week's Freshly Spilt Milk includes new music from Miley Cyrus, Battles, The Bird and the Bee, and more!

Miley Cyrus Photo
Miley Cyrus

1. “Milky Milky Milk” – Miley Cyrus: Cyrus reaches for new, experimental peaks with this cut taken from her new album, Miley and her Dead Petz, co-produced by The Flaming Lips I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s a reference to Burgess’s twisted milk bar in A Clockwork Orange because the pulsing, staccato synths and echoing, distorted vocals create an atmosphere fraught with anxiety.

2. “Not Dead” – Fine Times: “Not Dead” is a pleasant, post-Miley pallet cleanser. It’s lighthearted pop music from a Vancouver duo who simply want to celebrate life, and it is taken from their forthcoming, Fine Times’ Bad:Better EP, which is due out on October 9 via Light Organ Records.

3. “Recreational Love” – The Bird and the Bee: This glistening, pop-funk song is pure delight, despite covering a topic that has saturated our cultural lexicon. The LA group’s album by the same name is available now on iTunes.

4. “AYYYEEEEE” – Kashaka: This track is a hard-hitting, hip-hop instrumental that draws on influences ranging from Ghana to Jamaica. The word “banger” comes to mind as the looping, reverb-heavy vocals and percussion are pulled together by a relentless 808 bassline. You can download this single for free via Soundcloud. 

5. “So Cute!” – Giraffage and Slow Magic: A swaying track borne of the late-night, bedroom producer explosion, Giraffage and Slow Magic have released a playful new single to celebrate their new tour. On November 7, they will be stopping at the Republic.

6. “FF Bada” – Battles: “FF Bada” is the newest release off Battles’ forthcoming work, La Di Da Di. It’s a highly stylistic piece that at times drifts apart, only to resume cohesion moments later in jam band-esque grooves. You can preorder their album on CD, LP or digitally from Amazon or Google Play.

7. “You Heard What You Wanted” – Dead Professional: This lively, bare-bones rock and roll song comes from DC-based group Dead Professional. Songs like this are a nice reminder that people are still making rock music sans synthesizers.

8. “Way Back Home” – Luke Daniels: “Way Back Home” is our foot-tapping, folksy conclusion to this week’s FSM. Though he’s from the UK, Luke Daniels has an unmistakably Americana influence that finds its way into every aspect of this single, and it makes for extremely pleasant listening.