The Israeli rock 'n' roll guitarist previews his upcoming album tonight at Siberia.

yonatan gat photo
By Adam P.W. Smith

As a member of Israeli rock ’n’ roll band Monotonix, Yonatan Gat didn’t recognize the boundaries between the band and its audience. Inevitably, the band ended up cranking out garage-flavored rock in and on top of the crowd, and his sensibility is largely the same when he performs on his own.

The Village Voice named Gat "Best Guitarist of 2013," and he'll show why when he plays Siberia tonight with his three-piece band. Danny, One Man Machine, and Eastrod will open.

Gat is on tour previewing Director, his upcoming album due out March 3. It was largely improvised and recorded live with Gat playing lead and rhythm parts on his guitar. As “Goldrush,” a track from the album, shows, his improvisation tends to run in heavy, psychedelic, reverb-drenched directions with influences from around the world.