This week's Freshly Spilt Milk includes new music from James Leg, Quickie Mart, Unicorn Fukr, Alfred Banks, Ezra Furman, Iron and Wine, and Roman GianArthur's D'Angelo/Radiohead mash-up. With two bonus mixes.

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James Leg

[Updated] 1. “Fadeaway” - Moon Duo: To coincide with the start of a tour that—sadly—doesn’t bring Moon Duo to New Orleans, they have released for download a bonus track recorded during the sessions for Shadow of the Sun. Their dense, psychedelic drones get a lot of mileage and power out of distorted guitars, organs, and ticking drum machines.

2. “Dirty South” - James Leg: James Leg plays his Fender Rhodes through a guitar amp and gets the necessary level of distortion to match a level of vocal fry that borders on vocal grease fire.

3. “Cold Front” (FSQ Funkadelic Dub with Billy Bass Nelson) - Life on Planets: Funky DJ group FSQ stepped up the groove on this Life on Planets track with the aid of the original Funkadelic bassist, Billy Bass Nelson.

4. “Black Lipstick” - Chicano Batman: A new single from the L.A.-based band merging ’60s garage rock, R&B, and Latino traditions. The Farfisa organ played with a Tex-Mex bounce sets the tone for Bardo Martinez’s sweet, sympathetic vocal.

5. “Back in Time” - Naytronix: This is the second track from Naytronix—Nate Brenner—to make a Freshly Spilt Milk playlist. His new album, Mister Divine, is due out October 16, and he gets a lot of mileage out of synths and percussion. “Back in Time” isn’t as playful as Tom Tom Club, but its bossa nova is as light and fizzy.

6. “Lost in Translation” feat. A-Trak - Madeaux: The L.A.-based producer is getting a lot of love for his debut EP on Fool’s Gold Records, New Wav. Here he’s joined by Fool’s Gold head A-Trak.

7. “Reprise” (MoonDoctor remix) - Gold Panda: MoonDoctor’s remix of the track from Gold Panda’s 2013 Half of Where You Live takes the song to a nocturnal place, bringing out its soul, but cutting that with a glitchy texture.

8. “All:Need” - Roman GianArthur: Roman GianArthur is part of Janelle Monae’s Wondaland Arts Society, and he recently released OK Lady, a reinterpretation/mash-up of music by Radiohead and D’Angelo. It’s downloadable here.

9. “Pentagon” - Mickey Factz feat. Alfred Banks, Zikki, Rich Flizzy Flow and Diverse Character: Mickey Factz is having fun on this track, running tongue twisters in the face of the police state. The track shifts abruptly almost like someone changed the channel to bring in guest spots by New Orleans’ Alfred Banks, Zikki, Rich Flizzy Flow and Diverse Character. That means “Pentagon” doesn’t sound as much like a song as a game between friends shared with fans.

10. “Homecoming” - Alfred Banks: The newest from Alfred Banks, who performed for years as Lyriqs da Lyriciss.


11. “Bipping” (Robokid remix) - Bip Ling: Bip Ling is a British fashion blogger/model/digital character, and she has recorded her own self-mythologizing track “Bipping”—making who she is and what she does a verb in the process. Robokid’s remix treats her track as a starting place, adding synth washes that tangle with the chirpy pop sound. He also tweaks Ling’s voice, pitching it up to a nearly cartoonish frequency. 

12. “Dem Man” - Unicorn Fukr, Quickie Mart, and Werd2jah: Stop-and-start, dubby dubstep from the new Dem Man EP. 

13. “Intent” - Heavenly Beat: On October 2, Heavenly Beat will open for Teen Daze at Gasa Gasa. “intent” is the first track from his upcoming fourth album, Designer, due out before the end of the year. 

14. “Syko” - Kenton Slash Demon: The latest from the Danish electronic duo, with a futuristic, glitchy ambience.

15. “Forbes” - Borgore feat. G-Eazy: Rapper G-Eazy has stayed busy since leaving New Orleans, and here he’s the featured vocalist on this trap track that gives Borgore’s new EP its title.

16. “Bring Me Back” - Sultan + Shepard feat. Kreesha Turner: Progressive house producers treat Kreesha Turner’s vocal as another instrument, not by manipulating it but by integrating it seamlessly into the groove. 

17. “Midas” (Glenn Astro’s Nonsense dub) - Maribou State feat. Holly Walker: Glenn Astro picks up on the London-based duo’s interest in the interplay between acoustic and electric instruments in dance music, making an old school house track out of “Midas.”

18. “Dream Date” - Salad Boys: New Zealand’s Salad Boys have misleadingly titled their upcoming album Metalmania. “Dream Date” has a jangle-pop Rickenbacker guitar chiming away while the drums and fuzzy rhythm guitar are pure punk. Due out September 18.

19. “Albuquerque” - Iron & Wine: Iron & Wine return to their “Archives” singles project on October 16 with this version of Neil Young’s “Albuquerque” on one side and The Four Tops’ “It’s the Same Old Song” on the flip. 

20. “Androgynous” - Ezra Furman: A charmingly spare, committed cover of The Replacements’ song included on the deluxe release of Furman’s Perpetual Motion People.

Bonus Mixes

Solid Steel Radio Show - Mophono: I love the way Oakland’s Mophono makes patient-bordering-on-perverse, deliberately future-sounding techno, often from non-musical source materials. This mix from Ninja Tune’s “Solid Steel Radio Show” reflects that aesthetic.

“The Man Can’t Stand Me” - Quickie Mart: More from the prolific Quickie Mart.  

Updated September 15, 12:29 p.m.

The title of the Unicorn Fukr, Quickie Mart, and Werd2jah track has been corrected.