Christmas music courtesy of The Madd Wikkid and The Breton Sound. 

Brian Wilson Christmas photo
Brian Wilson and Friend

Earlier this Christmas season, someone posted belligerently on Facebook that it's "Christmas," not "Xmas," that the holiday is celebrating the birth of Christ, but that we all need to respect his beliefs and not get into a fight. Putting aside the let's fight/not fight tone of that message, sometimes it is Xmas. It certainly is on The Madd Wikkid's new NSFW "Keep the X in Xmas," a new holiday mashup that's online now. We've followed Earl Scioneaux III - The Madd Wikkid - through his various projects this year including Brassft Punk, his mixtape, and his efforts in dynamic ticket pricing. In this case, he's riffing on one of Justin Timberlake's finest moments on Saturday Night Live.

We also covered the power pop (emphasis on power) band The Breton Sound when the band made its debut at the Voodoo Music Experience last fall. Late in 2012, they put together a mix of their own in lieu of writing and recording a brand new Christmas song. Here it is as well.

Toasty Logs! - A Christmas Mixtape from The Breton Sound by Thebretonsound on Mixcloud

The My Spilt Milk Christmas 2013 mix is available now. Lou Reed, Andre Williams, The xx, Teen Daze, George Jones and Tammy Wynette, The Sonics and more add the season, and you can download it here.