Two New Orleans Music Awards nominees are represented in Woozy's new video, "Venom."

woozy photo

New Orleans' rock band Woozy is a nominee for Best Debut Album in My Spilt Milk's New Orleans Music Awards for Blistered, of which I wrote, "Singers slide up or down to notes and fight their way through the shitstorm of fuzzed guitars, and the songs amble down paths of their own creation rather than adhere to any conventional verse/chorus structure." 

The band premiered its new video, "Venom," in time for SXSW where it's performing, and the video is more linear than the album might lead you to expect. Zack Quinn of PEARS (a nominee as well for Rising Star)  slowly lets his inner self show over the course of song's 4:07. According to singer/guitarist John St. Cyr:

There are two sides to every story. With the video for “Venom” we wanted to explore a perspective that is untold within the song’s lyrics. The song itself condemns the kind of person who "poisons" their community with negativity, lies and gossip. The video attempts to empathize with this person, exploring their emotional turmoil and internal conflict. PEARS frontman Zach Quinn is transformed from an everyday scenester into a basement-dwelling hobgoblin; the real-world representation of our album Blistered’s gremlin cover. He undergoes a visceral struggle before succumbing to his own literal venom and vitriol, his toxic hidden self made material in the form of maple flavored black goop.

You can vote in the New Orleans Music Awards now, and tickets are on sale for the show at the Howlin' Wolf April 7 with host, comedian Andrew Polk and performances by The Soul Rebels, Rotary Downs, Tank and the Bangas, The Breton Sound, and AF the Naysayer.