Cherie LeJeune and Molly Portier talk in this video interview about the value of starting in coffeehouses.

wooden wings by bianca shrestha
By Bianca Shrestha

Recently, Lauren Keenan visited The Wooden Wings to videotape an interview and performance by former My Spilt Milk contributor Cherie LeJeune and Molly Portier. The two have worked to find the right lineup for the band, but their songs and harmonies remain at its core.

The band will return tonight to play The Circle Bar after some time off to work on new material. The show starts at 10 p.m.

After the interview, Lauren wrote:

The Wooden Wings have come a long way since their inception as a high school band comprised of members Molly Portier and Cherie LeJeune. They’ve been making music and booking shows together for more than six years now, and each girl readily admits that she can’t imagine singing without the other.

Luckily the two can laugh off their painfully awkward beginnings and focus on how much they’ve accomplished. Since high school, The Wooden Wings have taken on guitarists Harry Rosenberg and Albert Moliere and drummer Anthony Mikhael as core members, who have helped them grow and develop their sound.