Elephant 6 Collective member Julian Koster will turn The Howlin' Wolf into a tented sideshow May 21.

photo of The Music Tapes

Elephant 6 Collective member Julian Koster will tent The Howlin' Wolf on Tuesday, May 21 when his band The Music Tapes present The Traveling Imaginary - an intimate night of music, art and surreal stories. The banjo and saw player released Mary's Voice last year, a musically whimsical album that treads similar musical grounds as The New Orleans Bingo! Show. According to Pitchfork, "Running an impressive gamut between stark confessionals and sepia-toned Stephen Foster fantasia, the new Mary's Voice is a grand, genre-straddling vision in sound; on strictly musical terms, it's the most accomplished Music Tapes LP to date." Tiny Mix Tapes wrote:

To Koster’s credit, his selection of instruments — as potentially gimmicky as they might appear — never comes across as forced. For The Music Tapes, the combinations simply work to achieve their goals: the saw pairs well with the calliope (of roaming 19th-century fairs) to establish a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere that sets the tone for the entire album.

My Spilt Milk is pleased to present The Music Tapes' The Traveling Imaginary at the Wolf, and we have two pairs of tickets to this special, intimate performance. The capacity for the night will be determined by the size of the tent, not the Howlin' Wolf. Register here to enter. Tickets are also on sale now.