The Athens, Georgia-based psychedelic rock show plays The Howlin' Wolf on Friday and we have a pair of tickets to give away.

of montreal photo
Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal

The documentary The Past is a Grotesque Animal: A Film About Of Montreal doesn’t tell the band’s whole story. Instead, it focuses on its complicated relationship with its singer and leader Kevin Barnes. Jedd Beaudoin reviewed the movie for Pop Matters, writing:

[Barnes] tells the camera that in the end he cares more about the art than the relationships. But given the context of the events of the film, these words come across more like the words of a man so afraid of being hurt that he cloaks himself in loneliness, rather than someone who would dismiss those closest to him just because of his artistic vision. You could sneer and jeer at him, but instead you just kind of feel sad that all that great music has come with a price so high.

The band has made The Howlin' Wolf its home bar in New Orleans, and Of Montreal returns to play The Howlin' Wolf Friday. We have a pair of tickets to give away for the show; register here for a chance to win. The contest closes Friday at 3 p.m.