The moody electronic duo play the House of Blues on Sunday

Nicolas Jaar is one of those people whose list of accomplishments at 24 years old makes you feel a little bad about yourself. Last year saw Jaar reach a new career high with his Darkside project, an expertly mixed and matched pairing of Jaar's restrained electronic music and multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington's slick, funky guitar lines. The duo's 2013 debut album Psychic was one of the year's most boundless and original works. It's serenely experimental but can shock with its shapeshifting abilities, moving from slow-stomp grooves to amorphous, dark reflections. It's another example of how quickly and seamlessly Jaar has left his mark on electronic music with less than a decade's worth of EPs, official and unofficial singles, Essential Mixes and Boiler Room sessions, boasting an impressively distinct sound for such a young artist. Not to mention he already has his own record label and art house, which Jaar opened at the not-so-ripe age of 19, though he's already ditched that label for his newest, Other People. Jaar is anything but slow in his pursuits, but his music takes an interesting path in the opposite direction. Harrington isn't as well known yet, but his part in Darkside can't be played down, as his guitar lines often hone Jaar's more experimental tendencies on Psychic. One critic wrote of the duo's album release show:

The learned 23-year-old and his partner Harrington, peacocking like Brooklyn's answer to Two Door Cinema Club's Alex Trimble, devote themselves to the creation of atmosphere. Hissing, clicking, plucking and thudding, 'Psychic"s songs, 'Paper Trails' in particular, move arrogantly at their own pace.

Darkside takes its entrancing grooves to the House of Blues on Sunday, February 2, and My Spilt Milk is giving away a pair of tickets to the show. Register here to enter the drawing. The contest closes Friday at 5 p.m.