Alex Rawls and The Breton Sound's Jonathan Pretus discuss post-"Pet Sounds" Beach Boys on the My Spilt Milk Podcast this week.

beach boys photo
The Beach Boys in the 1970s

On Wednesday, Brian Wilson will play a 50th anniversary celebration of The Beach Boys’ famed Pet Sounds at the Saenger. In this week’s My Spilt Milk Podcast, Alex Rawls and The Breton Sound’s Jonathan Pretus talk about why we still talk about Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys. Why him? Why them? And how is Wilson different from other legacy acts?

Pretus previews the show, which he saw much earlier in the tour, before he and Rawls geek out over The Beach Boys’ years in the wilderness after the release of Pet Sounds

As usual, the podcast ends with what we’ve been listening to this week. Pretus sings the praises of Ben Folds, while Rawls has enjoyed revelatory covers by El Dusty and Coco Hames.