Our NODNA partners at The Lens will host a live chat Tuesday to discuss how to repurpose Charity Hospital, and you can be a part of it.

Charity Hospital postcard art

Monday, Jed Horne asked "What Should We Do with Charity Hospital?" in an essay at The Lens. In it, Horne wrote:

Today, Charity is a question mark looming over every scheme put forward to revitalize downtown New Orleans. It’s a towering monument to Katrina’s lasting impact.

In the piece, he lists the numerous proposals that have been raised and dismissed so far before asking readers for suggestions. To help start the conversation, The Lens will host an online chat Tuesday at 12:30 Central. Since The Lens is one of My Spilt Milk's partners in the New Orleans Digital Alliance, we're happy to help spread the conversation and encourage you to join in.