This Week's Soundtrack explores pop pedigrees, from indie rockers to disco.

  1. “Love Bug” - Baby Bee: The track featured on The Walking Dead score, getting these Houma fellas some attention. 

  2. “Escape from Nebula M Spacehunter” - Daikaiju: Japanese Surf rock. From Huntsville, Alabama. Wait, there's more. KISS-worthy samurai face makeup. And their name means “giant monster.” Playing Gasa Gasa Thursday. Should you desire more of the force of nature that is surf rock, WTUL's Storm Surge and Reverb Show by Hunter King gets it done every Monday from 4-6 p.m.

  3. “Fire Breathers” - Sports & Leisure: New Orleans area natives, and members of MyNameIsJohnMichael and Green Genes, playing House of Blues' Parish on Friday.

  4. “Tenderly” - The Features: Energetic pop from this Tennessee band, playing the Hi Ho Wednesday.

  5. “One of These Days” - Camper Van Beethoven: Music The Features grew up on.

  6. “I Think I'm Evil” - Black Moth Super Rainbow: From their newest (Kickstarter funded!) release, Cobra Juicy. BMSR play One Eyed Jacks on Thursday.

  7. “Verti-Marte” - The Twilight Singers: Another band that handles darkness creatively, Greg Dulli's (Afghan Whigs) side project, recorded this album in New Orleans. The conversational samples in this track are eerily accurate for late night patrons of the title's delights.

  8. “Giorgio by Moroder” - Daft Punk: From new album Random Access Memories. A departure from their previous albums, in that they rely heavily on live musicians in the studio. There's a sampling breadcrumb trail throughout, paying tribute to the disco heritage that has informed their style over the years.

  9. “My Other Voice” - Sparks: Produced by Giogio Moroder, of the previous track's interview clip, an Italian disco/electronic producer and songwriter who made his mark in the '70s.

  10. “I Feel Love” - Donna Summer: One of Moroder's career-defining tracks.

  11. “The Hall of Mirrors” - Kraftwerk: “Even the greatest stars discover themselves in the looking glass;” From the other emblematic electronic group, this track echoes the self-reflective theme that holds up Daft Punk's new record.

  12. “Geri” - Superhumanoids: L.A. “dream pop” trio, whose debut (self-produced) album comes out June 11; My Spilt Milk presents Superhumanoids at The Circle Bar on June 28

  13. “Live in Dreams” - Wild Nothing: From Gemini, their 2010 album, a triumphant year for “dream pop”.

  14. “Saturday Night” - Borgore: Israeli dubstep producer/DJ, playing The Republic on Thursday.

  15. “Won't Fuck Us Over” - The Hood Internet: Chicago-based duo who synch up hip-hop with indie rock, playing with BMSR this week. This track in particular began as a cover of The National's "Mr. November," featuring BBU and Annie Hart.

  16. “Psychic Love Damage” - Black Moth Super Rainbow: Also from Cobra Juicy.

  17. “Get Lucky” - Daft Punk: The first single released from the new album.

  18. “Stage Fright” - Chic: Of “Le Freak” fame, Chic's guitarist plays extensively on Daft Punk's new album, most noticeably “Get Lucky."