This year's Voodoo trades much of its old "Hey Gang! Let's put on a show!" spirit for a festival that simply works better. 

voodoo saturday schedule

If Friday’s weather at Voodoo 2016 is anything like yesterday’s, it will be a beautiful day for a festival—neither too hot nor too cold to preclude any costume choices. If Friday was hip-hop day in City Park, Saturday will be a day for heavy rock, from Altar openers The Pretty Reckless to headliners Tool. Even Le Plur headliners Die Antwoord will bring uncharacteristic aggression to that stage if not actual metal. 

Voodoo deserves nice weather to show off the festival’s successful transformation. The new map makes sense, and only having bands on the Pepsi and South Course stages when the Altar is dark virtually obliterated stage to stage soundbleed. The new entrance makes more of an impression, and even the new bathroom facilities are a step up in terms of speed and cleanliness. I miss some of the undermanned, overachieved eccentricity that has long been part of Voodoo’s charm, but it’s easy to trade that vibe for a festival that simply works better. 

Here’s our Saturday schedule, complete with our picks highlighted. Download this to your phone and you can save your battery for more important things than figuring out what to do next.