Up-and-comer Ravyn Lenae will perform Friday at 4:30 at the South Course Stage. Her confidence, poise, and talent make her a "must see."

Ravyn Lenae, Sticky single cover
Ravyn Lenae

Ravyn Lenae is climbing the list of Chicago artists currently dominating the music scene, and is a must-see set at Voodoo this year. Lenae will perform at the South Course Stage on Friday afternoon at 4:30 p.m., and even though she is not a headliner, her steady evolution makes Lenae an artist watch.

Lenae released her first EP, Moon Shoes, in 2016 at the tender age of 16. The album captures a nostalgia for '90s and early 2000s R&B and soul, drawing influence from Erykah Badu and Outkast. But between Lenae’s unpredictable vocals and Monte Booker’s production, the EP is unmistakably current. Since its release, Lenae has joined the Zero Fatigue Crew along side rapper Smino, toured with SZA and Noname, and released two EP’s; Midnight Moonlight produced by Booker, and Crush produced by Steve Lacey.

After signing with Atlantic Records, Crush plays like an amuse bouche before the release of a full debut album. Lacey and Lenae push one another into new soundscapes throughout the EP. Lacey’s psychedelic production coos beneath Lenae’s airy vocals on “Closer.” The synth guitar pulls Lenae’s vocals forward and Lenae yanks the beat back. The lead track, “Sticky,” is quirky, sexy, and playful. Lenae bounces through the track, layered with D’Angelo-esque harmonies. Her angelic voice drops golden dew on the microphone.

Although Lenae’s career is in its infancy, she has already begun to create a unique, fresh sound. “If you get a chance to see Lenae, take it,” reported Pigeons and Planes last February. “You will find yourself instantly enchanted, and the poise and confidence this young artist brings to stage suggests she has a long and fruitful career ahead of her.” On Crush, Lenae brings this vision to fruition.