Truth Universal has a new video as does Dumpstaphunk, who's "Dancin' to the Truth."

This year, I had good podcast conversations with Truth Universal and Dumpstaphunk's Ian Neville. Coincidentally, both released new videos this week, Truth with "Motivated" from his Invent the Music, and Dumpstaphunk with "Dancin' to the Truth" from Dirty Word.   

On Invent the Music

On Invent the Future, Truth remembers to be witty and musically, throughout employing beats that bring to mind the lushness of '60s and '70s R&B. They sound great next to Truth's deliberate delivery, and evoke a time when soul was personal and political at the same time.

On Dirty Word

The title track on Dumpstaphunk's new Dirty Word tells you all you need to know about the band. It's little more than a riff, but that riff's a monster, one that the band plays as an instrumental for more than half the song's running time. It doesn't wear out because the music around it is in constant motion - a bass pick-up here, a few bars of a guitar lick there, a keyboard counterpoint farther along. The riff is stable, but nothing else around it is until guest Ani DiFranco steps in with a stylized vocal that in context evokes the early '70s heyday of funk.