The local R&B singer opened for Azealea Banks last month, and has a new single out with more coming next month. 

Tiffany Jade

Who: Tiffany Jade
What: A free show with a 20-year-old Loyola student with serious pipes performing smooth R&B
When: 9 p.m., Thursday November 30
Where: Dragon’s Den
Why: Tiffany’s producer, Samwyse, described her and the music she’s set to make as “the definition of a backwards blunt. Burns slow, and every hit you take it just gets better, and by the end, you’re like damn, you wanna roll another one.”

Six weeks ago, newcomer Tiffany Jade opened for Azealia Banks at Tipitina’s. Dressed in a tight black dress and a vintage 49ers jacket, she began to belt a song that immediately captivated the previously uninterested onlookers waiting for the night’s main show. Her full, jazzy voice coupled with a playful dance around the stage with a too-cool-for-you sex appeal.

This month, Tiffany Jade released her debut single, “Autopilot.” The song captures everything that made the show enjoyable--soft, smooth lyrics over a chill jazzy beat that rises and falls with repeated riffs, colored by an irresistible, velvety vocal quality. “Gets my head up in the clouds, like I’m drifting through the sky / there’s no way I’m coming down,” she sings, and listening to her really does feel like a smooth ride through the clouds.

Another student and artist, Josh Mosier, will accompany her at the show on the guitar. The two have shared the stage before and collaborated on Tiffany’s next single “It’s Fine,” due out in December. 

Unfortunately, her new website--found counterintuitively at't advertise her talent as well as her show. On her Facebook page, she announced the launch of her website as “the joke of my life that went one step too far,” and the cartoon boobs icon in the tab along with the URL might be what she's referring to. At Tipitina's, she said she was still finding herself as an artist. Hopefully, these missteps and her inert Facebook presence are part of that process because under the questionable branding, there is a raw talent that could potentially shine through into a lasting career.