Two free tracks from Swear and Shake's "Maple Ridge."

Photo of Swear and Shake

Tonight, Brooklyn-based Swear and Shake open for G. Love and Special Sauce at the House of Blues. The harmony-oriented folk pop band released an EP, Maple Ridge, last year, and at Go Folk Yourself, Jessica Bal wrote:

The opening track on Maple Ridge, “Marbles,” is one of the most stunning arrangements on the record. It’s been injected with a dose of the collective, celebratory energy of free-spirited ensembles like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Everything is a little rowdy and undone, with noises that can’t always be placed, and calls and yelps in the backdrop. Jangling banjo, a touch of tin, whistling, clarinet, trombone, and trumpet layer cozily but still suggest spontaneity.

Swear and Shake provided My Spilt Milk with downloads of two songs from Maple Ridge including "Marbles." Check them out below.