+Aziz Finds His Sweet Spot

[Updated] The tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is being remembered in many predictable ways—concerts, speeches, parades, to name a few. Less likely is K10 on The Levee, a day of yoga and music that will take place at 500 Deslonde St. in the Lower Ninth Ward. Lauren McCabe organized the yoga, and +Aziz will provide the music for the 8 a.m. sunrise session and the 6:30 p.m. sunset session.

Jazz Fest: Sean Johnson's New Orleans Mantra

Unity by Sean Johnson and The Wild Lotus Band walks a tough line between the pristine airiness of new age music and the (gently) gritty textures of blues-based rock ’n’ roll, and it does so boldly. Johnson and the band commit, and pieces that start with musical or lyrical ideas I’m not sure are for me—too hippy, too sincere—often gain power in their droning repetition and carefully measured intensity.