Treme: The Beginning of the End

[Spoiler Alert] Treme returned Sunday night for its final semi-season, one thing I admired about the most recent episode is that David Simon and Eric Overmyer are sticking to their guns at every level. The show's very specific pacing continues as if they've got another season or two instead of a final five episodes. Some scenes seem to casually set up stories that will be hard to wrap up, while others are more about the moment than any story.

Down in the Treme: Maxim Runs a Wire Oral History

Not Treme news per se - The Wire news today. Maxim spaces out the photos of bikini girls this issue with an oral history of The Wire, including debates over the hows and whens of characters' deaths. Michael K. Williams talks about getting the news of Omar's fate:

I was hurt. But it wasn’t like I was surprised. I was glad that Marlo and Snoop and Chris never got to touch him. They couldn’t catch him slippin’ like that.