Jäh Division Dubs Again

Jäh Division’s Dub Will Tear Us Apart … Again tells the story of a band in nine songs. It began in 2003 as a laugh when bassist Brad Truax and synth player Barry London had a funny name and idea—Jäh Division, playing dub versions of Joy Division songs—and found it stayed with them until they realized they had to bring it to life. The superfluous umlaut suggests that we should take the idea as a joke, but that would be wrong.

Dustan Louque is Finding His Place in New Orleans

[Updated] I struck a nerve with Dustan Louque

When the Atlantic Records’ imprint Lava released his 2004 album, So Long, he was presented in a press release as simply “Louque”—a Louisiana artist who called his music “faya,” a blend of “dub, dancehall, electronic and alternative music.” So Long, the press release announced, was “bar none, one of the sultriest albums of 2004.”