Peaches Shares the Spotlight at The Music Box

“I’m an everlasting iconoclast,” raps Merrill Beth Nisker--Peaches--on her most recent release, Rub (2015). It’s a bold claim, but a well-deserved one. Peaches has made performative sexuality her signature for over 20 years now. For much of that time, she was dismissed as a gimmick by the mainstream, despite amassing a huge cult following. But now at 50, she’s an icon, celebrated internationally as a pioneer for her brazen attacks on society’s stale sexual norms.

White Zombie on the Road to White Zombie

When did White Zombie become White Zombie? The simplest answer is right away. When Shawna Reynolds and Rob Cummings—Sean Yseult and Rob Straker/Zombie—met at Parsons School of Design in 1985 and decided to form a band, their core sensibility was in place from the start. They loved hardcore punk, The Butthole Surfers, and the Blacks—Flag and Sabbath. Those interests and their affection for psychedelic horror movies were evident on Gods on Voodoo Moon, their debut seven-inch release.

Star and Dagger Search for Tomorrowland

Before Metallica, "heavy metal" was a fluid term that described a lot of hard, blues-based music. After Metallica, "metal" referred to blues-free, militaristic music that had demonstrations of power as its underlying subject matter. That shift left a lot of heavy bands without a meaningful descriptor; I like the uncomplicated "hard rock" for New Orleans' Star and Dagger because it's simple and accurate. They're hard and they rock.