Voodoo: What's Black and Blue and White All Over?

Jack White's always interesting, which may be the definition of a rock star. His bands are all provocative, all different, and his antics are just eccentric enough to feed more-money-than-sense conversations. Carry two bands on tour? Expect interns at Third Man Records to dress in the label's color scheme? These reek of indulgence, but the resulting work consistently mitigates the eccentricities.

Last Night: Shovels and Rope Rein in Rock Music

Before rock musicians began turning up their amplifiers as loud as they could and roaring into microphones, there was something like what Charleston, South Carolina two-piece Shovels and Rope have. Take a subtle, grungy guitar tone, pair it with a kick drum and snare, and you’ve got the simple framework for married couple Michael Trent’s low croon and Cary Ann Hearst’s sweet, Southern voice to harmonize.