Alejandro Escovedo Goes Back to New York

In the ‘60s and ‘70s, New York City was the promised land, even in California. “When I was young and living in Huntington Beach and the Velvet Underground album came out, it was everything to us,” Alejandro Escovedo says. He had no interest in Europe; he wanted to go the home of the Brill Building, The Young Rascals, and The New York Dolls.

A Perfect Day?

I can identify the exact moment when I stopped paying attention to Lou Reed - 2:40 into “Hello It’s Me” at the end of 1990’s Songs for Drella. The tribute to Andy Warhol performed by Reed and Velvet Underground bandmate John Cale ended with the line, “Good night Andy,” but Reed sang it “good NIGHT anDEE,” forcing it into two awkward iambic feet at odds with the sing-speak that had been his trademark throughout his years with The Velvet Underground and his solo career up to then.