French Quarter Fest: Hannah Kreiger-Benson In and Out of the Spotlight

Hannah Kreiger-Benson didn’t set out to become spokesperson of the Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans (MaCCNO). Prior to assuming that role in the fall of 2012, she was a student, a member of ska-rock band The Local Skank, and she sang in St. Cecilia’s Asylum Chorus.

Voodoo Preview: Skull and Tones

[Our friends at Nola Defender are also covering Voodoo, and we're sharing stories this year to cover as much ground as possible. I hope you'll check out Nola Defender the rest of the year, and thanks to M.D. Dupuy for the story]

Although he spends his days in the other L.A., a 27-year-old Luis Dubuc spent his first days in Louisiana. “My mom went to Tulane, I was raised in South America but I was born near Tulane.”

Remembering Les Blank

On Sunday, filmmaker Les Blank died of bladder cancer at the age of 77. He spent formative years in New Orleans, and while a student at Tulane University, he learned what he didn't want to do - be a brain surgeon. It's where he also had experiences that would prove helpful in the future. In our 2010 conversation, he said:

A Song for Ray Nagin

[Updated] For the last decade, the EMP Pop Conference has been the premiere venue for high-level music nerdery. Journalists, critics, ethnomusicologists and others who think seriously about music gather to share information, points of view, theories and takes - often on subjects that they couldn't find print homes for.