DJ Shub Brings Tribal Dubstep to Jazz Fest

DJ Shub makes an unlikely return to Jazz Fest Friday. The Canadian DJ and producer last played Jazz Fest in 2013 as part of A Tribe Called Red—the first act to bring dubstep to the festival. Musically, the trio were smart, funny and political as they made their Native American heritage central to their music, whether by addressing the racism of many sports mascots, or by working tribal chants and drums into their music.

Jazz Fest Preview: Our Picks for Weekend Two

After all the rain and muck of Jazz Fest 2013, it was a relief to have good weather at the Fair Grounds last weekend. A foul weather Jazz Fest has its own weird energy, but it's so tiring slogging through mud and having to carefully choose every step that the day becomes exhausting. This weekend looks to be even nicer with highs in the low 80s on Saturday and Sunday, and the music lineup looks stronger as well.

Jazz Fest Day 2: Jazz Fest, Meet the Modern World

[Updated] Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is the most current version of the modern sound that Jazz Fest lives as an unspoken antidote to. The festival is one of the last places where traditional notions of talent rule. If you sing well and play well, there's a stage and an audience for you. Whether by design or what it's come to represent for its patrons, Jazz Fest is often a musical safe haven from the heathens on the charts with their Auto-Tunes and computers and so on.