The Music Tapes and the World of Pure Imagination

[If you want to enjoy The Music Tapes' Traveling Imaginary in the manner Julian Koster thinks ideal, stop reading now. Finish this story Wednesday morning. "The more of a sense of surprise, the more you can allow someone to walk in and have an incredible experience of not knowing what to expect, the more it will become possible for them to have a really extraordinary experience," he says. For the rest of you, read on.]

Win Tickets to See The Music Tapes

Elephant 6 Collective member Julian Koster will tent The Howlin' Wolf on Tuesday, May 21 when his band The Music Tapes present The Traveling Imaginary - an intimate night of music, art and surreal stories. The banjo and saw player released Mary's Voice last year, a musically whimsical album that treads similar musical grounds as The New Orleans Bingo! Show.