DJ Phoebe Rose's techno takes listeners to transcendental state

Phoebe Rose couldn’t tell you what the time was, only “God knows.” But it wasn’t sunrise yet.

It was Mardi Gras and the 23-year-old techno DJ was celebrating the season in her favorite way: at a rave. Perfect, rhythmic music blasted through 10-foot-tall speakers. Everyone was dancing and for only a split second, the young artist shut her eyes. But what she experienced was eye-opening.  

Last Night: Andrew Bayer and Ilan Bluestone Live Anjunabeats' Unity Message

[Updated] Friday night, Anjunabeats artists Andrew Bayer and Ilan Bluestone did not play a traditional back-to-back set at the Metropolitan. They did in Amsterdam earlier this fall, but on the weekend each of them joined the other on stage for a large portion of the show. They broke down the usual opener/headliner hierarchy and performed as two friends jamming out and having fun with the opportunity to share the music they love.

Last Week: Seven Lions Inspired by New Orleans

Seven Lions (Santa Barbara native Jeff Montalvo) was first recognized by the electronic music world by wining a remix contest held by Beatport back in 2012. He remixed trance heavyweight Above & Beyond's "You Got To Go" into dubstep. In the last few years, he has gained popularity by creating melodic dubstep from trance. He loves the ethereality of trance and the skin-tingling bass of dubstep.