Looking Ahead to Buku and Lana, Toro Y Moi, Ella Mai and KKB

The Buku Music and Arts Project released its lineup during the holiday season, and its update came close enough to Jazz Fest’s announcement of The Rolling Stones that the news got lost in the shuffle. This year, Buku will feature Lana Del Rey, Dog’s Blood (Skrillex and Boys Noize), A$AP Rocky, Toro Y Moi, Excision, and many more when the festival returns to Mardi Gras World March 22 and 23.

Zack Villere Tries to Figure Out What's "Next"

When I interviewed electronic artist Zack Villere in 2016, he saw a future as a singer. 

“There are so many different facets to pop music that I can make what I want if I call it pop,” he said. “I don’t know if it’s pop like Justin Timberlake pop, but it might be. You never know what the next wave of popular music will sound like.”

Toro Y Moi Warms Up

[Updated] Anything in Return continues the broadening of Toro Y Moi's vision. Cool, airy synths and clicking grooves are still prominent in Chaz Bundick's sound, but his songs are often truly songs this time around. His voice doesn't simply provide a point for human contact with the tracks; it's the reason for them. It isn't his strongest instrument, but it's easily strong enough, and its slightness gives the album a clearer humanity.