Pop-Up Magazine Brings the Print Experience to the Civic Stage

"Live" and "magazine" aren't two words that normally go together, but Pop-Up Magazine is working to change that. Originating in the Bay Area in 2009, Pop-Up puts on shows all over the U.S., bringing renowned artists together to perform or show original reported features. The shows aren't recorded or posted online in any way, and afterward the artists and audience mingle, creating a powerful, singular experience.

The High Llamas Rattle the Trees

Part-time Stereolab collaborator Sean O'Hagan has found full expression of his Beach Boy impulses as well as his love of low-tech drones in The High Llamas. Almost everything the band does can be summed up by the title of its 1998 album, Cold and Bouncy. There's a remoteness in the band's love of retro electronic elements and an organic warmth in its Smile-like orchestrations.

Bounce Against the Wall

"It's important for us to tell original stories," says A.J. Allegra, creative director of The NOLA Project. The theater company has made its biggest splashes with performances of Shakespeare plays on the grounds of The New Orleans Museum of Art. Their acclaimed version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was noteworthy for its creative use of the Bestoff Scupture Garden, but tonight it opens a new play that is innovative in another way.