Puppets, Trucks and Disco by the Sushi Bar

[Updated] Pussycat's Puppets: Miss Pussycat's puppets remind me of Dr. Seuss because like his characters, the design of hers dictates the world they live in. I can't always tell one rodent species from another when she renders them as puppets, but their deliberately stylized, handmade quality necessitates a world decorated with foil and Christmas lights.

Teen Daze at the Disco

Teen Daze's music is patient. Meditative. Contemplative. Even stately at times, but the songs don't start that way. The Canadian chillwave artist is working to fight his tendency to take a song from start to finish in a single setting. "A lot of times I'll come back to it a month later and think, Aww, I should have done this," he says. "I almost finish them too quickly.