Jazz Fest: How New Orleans is Jazz Fest, Pt. 2

Yesterday, we asked “How New Orleans is Jazz Fest?” The short answer is “very.” There’s no way to look at lineups that date back as far as 1992 and not see that the booking has consistently been overwhelmingly local, particularly if you add New Orleans and Louisiana artists. Combining them includes Baton Rouge and Lafayette artists, but it also includes musicians that we think of as local even though they’re from the Northshore, Slidell, Harvey, and surrounding regions. 

The Jazz Fest Second Guess

Monday, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival presented by Shell announced its day-by-day talent lineup and that tickets go on sale Tuesday. Social media didn't wait for the the lineup to be posted before floating Chumbawamba, Andy Williams and Boxcar Willie as facetious possibilities.

Here's a sampling of Monday's responses on Twitter, which I post because it shows that there's an audience for everybody at Jazz Fest, even if you and I aren't it.

Christmas in January?

We look forward to the announcement of the talent lineup for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival presented by Shell with the same sort of eagerness that we wait for Christmas. Then it gets here, we eagerly see what we got, and find a pair of socks. A shirt. Things we need or can use, but they're not on par with the anticipation. Maybe nothing could be, but still ...