Thursday at French Quarter Fest

This morning at 11 a.m., the French Quarter Fest starts its 30th year in Jackson Square, Woldenberg Park, and the Bienville Statue Stage in the 400 block of North Peters Street. The forecast isn't pretty for what has been named "Locals' Lagniappe Day", but it should be a good day of music for those who brave the possible rain.

Here are our picks for the day - not necessarily the best, but artists that we're into right now, ones we want to see in these settings, or people we don't often get a chance to see.

Mike Meets Hospital; Hospital Wins

[Updated] Wednesday night, Governor Mitt Romney tried work his way around the pre-existing conditions question, allowing that people who had health insurance but lost it could re-get it despite pre-existing conditions, but those who were never insured would have to wait for states to craft laws to help them. In the abstract, that merely sounds problematic; put a name and face on it and impact is far more real.