On Stage in New Orleans in 2016

[Updated] My Spilt Milk's contributors and particularly photographers Patrick Ainsworth and Steven Hatley see a lot of music in a year--more than we write about. In 2016, we want to document that and put all those photos in one place. This post will be updated regularly, and each time it is freshened, we'll draw attention to it again. When it gets too big, we'll create a Part II, Part III, and more if necessary. Whatever the case, we'll have a photographic record of the year in music as it happens.

Last Night: Imagine Dragons in the French Quarter

The Allstate Sugar Bowl isn't quite the spectacle that last January's Super Bowl was, but it comes with its own spectacle and hoopla. That included a concert on New Year's Eve by O.A.R. for fans of Alabama and Oklahoma who came to New Orleans early, and Imagine Dragons, who played the Allstate Fan Fest in the Jax Brewery parking lot Wednesday night. Althought the show was in conjunction with the Sugar Bowl, many fans were there just for the band. As one person wrote on Twitter, "When Dan Reynolds asked who would win the sugar bowl, I yelled 'who cares'."