Debbie Davis Learns to Ignore Her Inner Critic on "Vices and Virtues"

On “Lulu’s Back in Town,” pianist Josh Paxton plays an acrobatic solo with the omni-directional energy of a four-year-old boy churning on ice cream and a juice box. When he finishes, singer Debbie Davis matches his intensity when she resumes the verse, then you can hear her briefly rein in the Fats Waller classic to set up a shared surge before the two blast it out to the song’s conclusion.

Givers Listen to Secret, Silent Rules for "New Kingdom"

When GIVERS released In Light in 2011, the band’s cheerfulness was an inescapable part of the story. They sounded almost unnaturally buoyant, but conversations with members revealed that their positivity was rooted in self-assurance. Their belief in themselves, their chemistry, and the rightness of what they’re doing fueled their optimism.

Last Night: A Tale of Two Haims

There's something great about seeing a band that sounds better live than on record. It's reassuring to know that there's more to an act than what could be contained on a disc or vinyl record. But after California sister trio Haim's sold-out set at One Eyed Jacks Sunday night, I sat on that fine line between being impressed and harboring some resentment.