SZA Spoke to and For the Sold Out House of Blues

SZA’s first national tour seemed to catch everybody but her fans by surprise. At venue after venue, bookers realized too late that they could have charged more after fans snapped up the tickets in minutes. At the House of Blues last Thursday night, the line for the show left the venue’s alley, turned on to Decatur Street, then wrapped around the corner on to Iberville. When SZA took the stage to open with “Supermodel,” the audience drowned her out as it sang along.

Questions About Journalism in New Orleans?

Updated: It's rare that we get to say that New Orleans is on the cutting edge of something other celebrations and NFL player motivation, but we're about to become the first major American city to go all-in with digital journalism. When the Newhouse family decided to cut The Times-Picayune to three days a week and make its principal outlet, it pressed the fast forward button on an experience that the rest of the country is just starting to imagine.