Jazz Fest: Tuesday Night in the Clubs

In recent years, Jazz Fest at night has been a jam fest, and that’s certainly going on. Every night this time of year, some combination of guys who don’t usually play together are playing something funky somewhere in New Orleans. Fortunately, this year’s offerings have been broader than that. People are still jamming, but we also get nights like tonight, where our highlights have a little range to them.

Tony Clifton Works His Magic

[Much of this story is in poor taste. You've been warned.] One of the challenges Andy Kaufman's comedy posed is that much of it depended on surprise, so it could only work a handful of times until the audience knew what was coming. One of the best examples was Tony Clifton, his failed lounge singer character. Kaufman presented himself as a pudgy singer with wobbly vocal chops and a barely suppressed bullying rage.