Win Tickets to See Colin Jost

[Updated] Colin Jost is the head writer at Saturday Night Live, and he has been with the show since 2005. This season, he joined Cecily Strong as the co-anchor on "Weekend Update" after the departure of Seth Meyers. 

Though Jost is best known as a writer, he started as a stand-up comic, and he introduced himself nationally as a stand-up when he performed in 2012 on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Mike Birbiglia on the Power of Jokes

“Comedy is the thing that makes me feel closest to the people I feel closest to,” comedian Mike Birbiblia says, and it’s the glue that connects people who otherwise have little in common. “The other day I was at a bed & breakfast in Charleston and I struck up a conversation with this middle-aged guy who’s a banker in Dallas, someone I have little in common with,” he says. “When he found out I was a comedian, he told me a Ron White joke which is really funny.

See Christian Finnegan at the New Movement This Weekend

You know stand-up comedian Christian Finnegan, whether you know it or not. He's a familiar face who was part of the team of comedians that commented on current events as a part of VH-1's Best Week Ever, and he has appeared on Chappelle's ShowAre We There Yet?, and Comedy Central specials. Finnegan also has a good new comedy podcast, Audio Spackle, that is worth checking out.

A Job Job

[Updated] On a recent episode of Marc Maron's WTF podcast, comedy impressario Budd Friedman remembers Robert Klein recording his sets on a reel-to-reel tape machine that was the size of a piece of furniture. That part of comedy has become easier. Last night, three comedians from Knoxville, Tennessee played the Howlin' Wolf's Den on the Quit Your Day Job Tour, and they had a portable video recorder and audio recorder set up petitely by the back wall.

Trew Stories

“I’m an expert at the sport of air sex,” Chris Trew announced by way of introduction when he appeared earlier this summer on America’s Got Talent. Then, while a slow jam played, the heavily bearded Trew licked and caressed a woman’s body, only there was no body there.