Most of What You Think You Know About James McMurtry is Wrong

When I listen to James McMurtry, I feel like I understand libertarians and small government Republicans. Those aren’t the Austin singer/songwriter’s politics; his best known song in recent years is “We Can’t Make It Here,” an across the board takedown of the Conservative efforts to shift more wealth to the wealthy.

Alex McMurray Will Never Be Alone ...

Alex McMurray is healthily cautious talking about himself. It's an occupational hazard, but it's one he undertakes with a note of self-deprecation. He's quick to share credit or recognize the accomplishments of others, and when I asked him in his Bywater home about how often he played in a week or month, McMurray pointed to Tin Men bandmate Matt Perrine as the real iron man who plays far more often than he does.

G. Love Can't Stop Writing

When G. Love and Special Sauce released their self-titled debut album in 1994, it was received as part of hip-hop's expansion into alternative rock, folding the blues into a white kid's street life with live beats. Almost 20 years later, hip-hop is mainstream and G. Love can be heard as a forerunner of the current wave of Americana, embracing acoustic instruments and traditional forms to make contemporary music.