Kuwaisiana Delivers an Exciting First "Chapter"

Kuwaisiana makes its purpose plain with its name. The group merges Kuwaiti and Louisianan cultures in music based in indie rock. It comes with a strong sense of purpose that frequently makes me wary because I prefer that my rock ’n’ roll not come with a mission statement. Based on Chapter 1, though, I’m with Kuwaisiana.

French Quarter Fest: Hannah Kreiger-Benson In and Out of the Spotlight

Hannah Kreiger-Benson didn’t set out to become spokesperson of the Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans (MaCCNO). Prior to assuming that role in the fall of 2012, she was a student, a member of ska-rock band The Local Skank, and she sang in St. Cecilia’s Asylum Chorus.

Voodoo Preview: What The Scorseses Aren't

The Scorseses want you to know they’re not a ska band. Yes, they started as a ska/punk band, and yes, they’ll play some upstrokes, but when drummer Chris Noto and singer Vince Ebeier count off the artists who influenced the members of the band, no ska bands get named. Instead, they mention Streetlight Manifesto, Miles Davis, NOFX, Victor Wooten, and Bela Fleck among others.