Voodoo News: John Lydon's Public Image is Limiting

When the final version of the Voodoo announcement that Public Image Ltd. (Saturday, 8:15 p.m., Carnival) would be a part of this year’s festival, it included a quote from John Lydon: “All you Voodoo people would do best to bring a gas mask. I'm going to fart continuously. P.S: I want to see Donald Trump misrepresented with the greatest possible glee throughout New Orleans on Halloween night.”

Black Lips Voice a Rebellion

“I like the media because it’s a game,” says Cole Alexander, singer-guitarist of the Black Lips. The Atlanta garage-punk rockers are no stranger to the spotlight, and often make headlines for their out-of-control, onstage theatrics. “When we do certain things, journalists will write about it,” he says. “And then the crowds will assume it will happen every night.