Voodoo News: Thunderpussy Reclaims Hard Rock

Hard rock has not always been built for women, but Thunderpussy is changing that. They are giving women a space to reclaim their bodies in a genre that has often excluded and objectified them. Thunderpussy is currently on tour for their debut, self-titled album, and will play Voodoo Sunday at 1 p.m. on the South Course Stage.

Hibou Leaves Home

Hibou’s Peter Michel works best on his own. He recorded his 2013 EP Dunes on his own, and his recently finished his first full length album—titled Hibou—in his bedroom and walk-in closet in parents’ house in Seattle where he still lives. He plays all the instruments and sings all the parts on the album, which will be out September 18, though he waits until the family is gone before he records vocals.

Odesza Dreams of Composing Film Scores

“We never expected people to care this much about two kids who made most of their music in a basement, and basically still do,” explains Harrison Mills of Odesza. Mills and collaborator Clayton Knight are a producer duo out of Seattle who have forged their own  electronic sound from a predominantly folk and indie rock environment. When the two met, the bonded as the only people they knew who produced anything close to electronic music. At Western Washington University, guitars were still favored over MIDI keyboards. 

See (Hey) Marseilles and (Young) Buffalo

On the recent Lines We Trace, Seattle's Hey Marseilles bring to mind a less compulsively clever Decemberists. The band's roots are clearly in acoustic and vocal music, but they remember to write songs that catch with natural grace. Chinquapin Records and My Spilt Milk present Hey Marseilles at The Howlin' Wolf's Den Wednesday night at 10 p.m.

Crooks on the Run

Josh Mazour has a job in an Attorney General's office, but when I ask about it, he plays it off. As the singer and songwriter in the Austin-based honky tonk band Crooks, he's preparing to walk away from it to start touring seriously. So far, the band has largely played around the state, but it has a good new album, The Rain Will Come, a booking agent ready to put Crooks to work, and they're in the market for a van.