Treme: Our World

[Updated] In my interview Saturday with Eric Overmyer, he referred to Treme as sui generis, and it is in ways he discussed and ways he didn't. Its merger of the real and fictional is likely unprecedented, as is the extensive use of music. But it's also hard to think of a show that included its producers' affections so baldly. Musical acts, for instance, are written into the show because Overmyer and David Simon like them, even if the fit is awkward.

Another Advance Look at Treme Season 3

Treme returns for its third season on HBO on September 23. This trailer suggests that Delmond (Rob Brown) is going to more fully embrace his Mardi Gras Indian heritage, that Janette's going to have heavy anxieties about starting a new restaurant, and crime's going to be a big part of the season. 

Here's the first trailer for the season.