Mars Willams Maps the Way to an Ayler Xmas

Christmas music often comes with a strong undercurrent of nostalgia as the songs evoke times that seem simpler in retrospect. That isn’t an issue for Mars Williams’ Ayler Xmas project, which steers into the heart of the tensions and uncertainties of improvised music based on pieces of adventurous Black art from the early 1960s.

Saying Goodbye to Tim Green

Last night, a clearly rattled, distraught Facebook post (since taken down) announced the death of saxophone player Tim Green. The nature of the post and ensuing conversation left some confusion, but today his passing is setting in. The breadth of Green's abilities were impressive, so he could contribute with equal taste, intelligence and precission to music by Mem Shannon, the Afrobeat band Kora Konnection, The Indigo Girls, and in improvised contexts with James Singleton, Jonathan Freilich, and Mike Dillon to name a few.